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Sophie Rogers

Hi, I’m Sophie, owner and creator of High Vibe Alignment and High Vibe Crystal Cabin. I am a 300 hour Certified Yoga and Meditation teacher with The British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance. I am super passionate about spreading the benefits of Yoga and Meditation, as these ancient teachings have had a profound and positive effect on my own mental health and well-being over the past decade.

I believe moving the body and connecting with the breath can help us all find a sense of peace and acceptance within ourselves, in addition to the many benefits it can have on our overall wellbeing.

Jenna Hyde

Hi Im Jenna, creator of House of Hyde group, my business that has featured with NBC Universal, Facebook, Westminster Business Council, Apple and multiple Universities. I set up my first business at 22 through The Prince’s Trust. I am an ambassador with The Prince’s Trust and The Commonwealth Games, and a National Delivery Partner for The Trust and the co-creator of the Mindset & Mindfulness programme which is delivered throughout the UK. I am delivery partners with multiple businesses and organisations, including BIPC Birmingham, Coventry and Warwickshire Reinvestment Trust, and more. I am currently enrolling in a MSc in Psychology for 2022/23 and currently studying “Advanced Psychotherapy”.

However, these diaries are all about you. Nurturing your mind and a time capsule for this part of your life. Whatever chapter of your life you are in at present, this diary is designed to highlight lessons from the past, illuminate the path to the future you desire and to treasure the riches of the now in ways unique to you.

Jenna Hyde - The Mindset Diary


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