You are The Author of your Mindset Diary

This diary is designed for you to begin nurturing your mind, develop mindfulness practices and create a vision for your future whilst treasuring the adventure along the way.

Reflecting upon the lessons you have collected from your past, being present in the moment and progressing forward moving towards your goals and aspirations creates that golden balance.

How To Use Your Mindset Diary

My Mindset Diary is designed for you to use every day. There are journal prompts for you to reflect upon in the morning when you wake up and in the evening before you go to sleep. This simple but effective act of daily mindfulness is a positive and uplifting habit to weave into your life. As we know, life isn’t always smooth sailing, but we hope this diary will become a time capsule to illuminate the highlights of your “now”. Embracing achievements, recognising kind acts and cherishing the things you are grateful for empowers us to build and maintain positive momentum.

Journal Reflections

Daily Gratitude


Setting Intention for the day

Square breathing

Three Good Things that you have experienced

Your Kind Act

Reflecting on your Daily Achievements to Alleviate 'Imposter Syndrome'

Reframing a "failure"

Changing the lens on a challenge

Lean into the stretch

Breathing Exercises

And so much more.

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